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One. Thing. At. A. Time.

This has been sort of a horrible week. First I will start with the not horrible parts.

I went to my mom’s classroom and set up a hot chocolate bar for the kids. They could add crushed Oreos, mini chocolate chips, shaved white chocolate, homemade marshmallows and itsy bitsy marshmallows to their hot chocolate. Kids love a buffet, I’ll tell you what. They loved that they could add EVERYTHING if they wanted to. I can only imagine that their drinks were disgusting, but they were happy. Their favorite part what when I added whipped cream to their cups and it made the hot chocolate SMOKE (also known as steam.) The hot chocolate bar was a well appreciated treat for the kids. I’ll go back next week to make little dragons for Chinese New Year. (I’ve been saving this project for years, so I’m really looking forward to it.)

The other good thing that happened is I talked to my friend, Kimmy. Conversations with her are always restorative.

The rest of the week was gross and awful and the reason why is so stupid! A couple, maybe three weeks ago, my doctor started me on a new medicine. One of the possible side effects of this medicine is yeast infections and I told my doctor that if there was even an inkling of a yeast infection, that I was out and I would not reconsider. Foot down!¬†I had chronic yeast infections for TWO YEARS and once I cured myself of that, I refuse to go back. The worst thing in the world is to be super aware of your vagina every second, you know what I mean? Anyway, it’s been going just fine with this new medicine and then I stupidly decided to try some new supplements AND to increase the dosage of some other ¬†supplements. People, how many times do I have to tell you that you can only change ONE thing at a time? If you change a bunch of stuff at once, you will never know how well any of it is working. All these changes meant that I felt tired and nauseated and gross and also awful. The only day I didn’t feel tired and nauseated and gross and also awful was when I went to my mom’s classroom and that’s because I didn’t take my vitamins that day. A HA! It took me a whole other day to figure that out what the cause of my distress was. Today I took just my regular tried and true stuff, plus the new medicine and guess what?

I FELT FINE ALL DAY. I hope you fools have finally learned your lesson or whatever.

We don’t have any plans for the weekend, but I just decided that we should go to Palo Alto and see what’s what and maybe eat some tacos at Tacolicious. We should also (maybe) put away the Christmas stuff for real. None of the decorations are still up, but they aren’t packed away in the garage, either. Look, this isn’t a productivity blog.


Nacho Party, Yo.

Welp, I finally got Christmas put away. I always regret how much I decorate for Christmas when it’s time to put it all away. Now I have to restyle the mantel, coffee table and the shelf that serves as our odd entry way. My dream for our next house is to have a proper foyer. How I dream of a foyer, I shop for coat racks and shoe storage and cute hooks for our keys and other essentials. It’s important to have goals, at least that’s what they say. Anyway, Christmas is put away and I’m covered in glitter as a result.

Andy’s in Las Vegas at his conference and I’m caught in between missing him and the relief of being alone. I hate it when Andy is gone for too long, but when it’s just a few days, it’s not so bad and there’s something nice about just needing to tend to myself and the pets. I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have the animals. Would it be too lonely? Probably. These two furry knuckleheads keep me from getting too relaxed.

I got an offer from Amazon to try Prime Fresh for 30 days for free. It normally costs $299 a year. They deliver groceries and many other products, sometimes the same day, depending on what time you order. I’m taking advantage of the free 30 days, but I won’t be signing up because the grocery thing was the big pull for me, but I’m already so hermity, the last thing i need is another thing that makes it easy for me to stay home.

Right after Christmas, HBO showed all 5 seasons of The Wire in High Definition. We recorded all the episodes and I’ve been watching it since. Man, I love this show. The characters are so beautifully written. The story lines are engaging and feel authentic. I’ve already seen the series all the way through at least twice, so I’m not binge watching them, but during this time of television show famine, I like sit down and watch a couple episodes at a time.

One last thing- I watched the Golden Globes last night and Holy Mother, it was boring. I guess the A/C wasn’t working because everyone was sweaty and fanning themselves. That’s not good form when you’ve got a room full of people wearing varying levels of compression garments. Also, how pissed would you be if you spend hours on getting yourself looking pretty just to sweat through it? Those poor celebrities!

It’s time for me to party with some nachos. Peace out!

The good and the not as good.

When are you getting out of a slump, some days are good, some days are less good. There is really no magic. Tuesday was great. Wednesday was 50% great. I see my job in this as making the most of the good and not getting caught up in the bad because this is a process and one does not go from slumped to pumped (what?) in no time.

The daily walks are helping a lot. A LOT. Blah, blah, why do I ever stop with the daily walks when I know how much they matter, but I do stop and then I start back up and it’s like magic. There are always Murray walks, but I don’t count those because I can make those really sort or even cheat and just take him to the park to run around. The thing that interests me the most about these walks is that I’m only walking for 30 minutes, at whatever pace suits me in that moment and I feel so happy when I’m done.

The cooking is helping, too, even though it’s also sort of a pain in the ass. I mostly enjoy cooking and I’m good at it and Andy really, really appreciates it. The thing about it, though, is that when it comes time to make dinner I rarely really want to do it. I’m always glad after I do, but I force myself to do it. Tonight we had apricot and mustard glazed pork chops, buttermilk mashed potatoes and haricot verts. It’s was delicious and I will absolutely make it again. Tomorrow night is super easy, roast chicken with potatoes and carrots and a spinach salad. Cooking at home is so much cheaper and healthier than going out or picking up and it’s nicer, too. I mean, you can wear lounge clothes, so that counts for a lot.

What’s not working is not having something to do in the afternoons. That’s when my energy wanes and I think I need an assignment during that time to prevent the slump. Maybe I should do another walk? Plan to run errands? How do you work-a-day types manage the afternoon slump? Maybe I need an afternoon snack/caffeine break. I don’t know, but I need to do something.

Tomorrow the housecleaner comes, so tomorrow will be a good day because any day where my house is cleaned without me doing it, is good.


Dear Kittens,

I thought about starting an entirely new blog, but in the end I decided to just come back to this one. If we aren’t Facebook friends then this is sort of like Season Three of Friday Night Lights where all of a sudden the story line advances and you don’t entirely understand why.

DO NOT WORRY. It’s all going to be okay.

Here are the high points:

  1. I bought a new fancy car.

  2. Andy and I picked the car up in South Carolina and drove it home to California and it was great.

  3. I had a little job with the dog trainer that trained Murray, but that’s over now. Murray and I don’t go to dog class anymore, Murray is homeschooled now. (I was actually a bit worried about that part, but it’s going very well and I’m enjoying working with Murray more than ever.)

  4. I’m attempting to put some structure into my life with a system of short to-do lists and certain things that I do every day, even if I don’t feel like it. (It’s going well so far.)

  5. We redid our pit of a backyard. it’s not entirely finished yet, but it looks so great and we love it.

Monday night my friend, Traci, and I are going to see Justin Timberlake in concert. I’m not sure that there is something more out of character for me than going to a live music show, let alone of someone as popular as JT. I don’t like being around drunk people, I hate crowds, and yet, I am totally looking forward to this outing. I think we’re going to have a great time and it’s going to be a great show.

It looks like I’m back into cooking. I’ve got plans for meals for the entire week. THE ENTIRE WEEK! And when I say the entire week, of course i mean, Monday through Friday. That was a given, right? The highlight of this week is going to be pork tacos. I’m thinking about attempting to make homemade corn tortillas. Maybe. Maybe I just make margaritas.

I’ve got to get good rest so I can stay awake for the Justin Timberlake concert.