Hairy Eyelid

One. This stupid cold is stupid. I’m mostly better, but my sinuses feel so irritated. I don’t mean just my nostrils, I mean the cavern behind them. It feels like they’ve been scrubbed with a wire brush. Ugh, it’s awful. I am still feeling very sorry for myself, I’m whining a lot and whenever Andy looks at me I am sure to have a very pathetic look on my face. Tonight I’m going to sleep with the humidifier right in my face, hopefully that will help.

Two. Andy had a birthday at the beginning of the month and I had the idea to take him on a weekend getaway to celebrate. He saw my computer opened to the website of the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay (we have lots of Marriott points from Andy traveling for work and Marriott owns Ritz Carlton) and he said, “Oh, you know it’s just a few more hundred points for us to go to Maui.” And I said, “that’s great except we never go to Maui and Maui isn’t a weekend getaway.” 20 minutes later Andy was using our points to get us flights and a 5 day stay at the Kapalua Bay Ritz Carlton. Flight and hotel stay paid for with points! We leave next Friday. This is a very typical thing with Andy. Several months ago we were discussing an issue we have with our entry way rug. That conversation turned into how we’ll need to move out of our house when we redo the kitchen because it only makes sense to have a bunch of other work (redoing the electrical, repiping the house and doing the bathrooms) at the same time. One time I wanted a new boombox, we got a fancy stereo system. Another time, we were going to buy a new car for me and that turned into picking the car up at the plant and driving home across the country. You see how it goes. The point is, we’re going to Maui for 5 days.

Three. Listen, remember how I was growing out my eyebrows? I had to pluck. I AM SORRY, but I have some hairs that grow kinda far down on my eyelid and those guys had to go. I did not pluck as much as I would normally. I haven’t given up on cultivating the full, feathered brow, I’ve just given up on the hairy eyelid. You’re welcome for that visual, by the way.


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