Earthquake Weather

First. Our weather is weird (cloudy, muggy, no breeze) and Californians love to describe this weather as “earthquake weather.” Interestingly, I have experienced a lot of earthquakes some of them quite big, and they all happened during lovely and or normal weather for the season.

Second. I’m certain that I’ve written about this through the years, but I’ma do it again. I sucked my fingers (the two middle fingers on my right hand) from the time I was a baby until I was an older teenager. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I quit, but 16 or 17 seems about right. I remember attempting to suck my fingers when I was 20, but my fingers no longer conformed to the inside of my mouth and it wasn’t as soothing as I needed it to be. There were a lot of attempts to get me to quit sucking my fingers through the years. Thankfully, no one ever went the punishment route, but there was shaming and a ton of bribery attempts. I would half-heartedly try to quit, but at night in my bed, trying to go to sleep there was nothing more soothing than sucking my fingers and rubbing my hair against my face. I very clearly remember there being a point when I was around 8 where I no longer cared what people thought about me sucking my fingers. There was no shame in my game. My mom says that I never sucked in public, even as a small child. I think that’s because it was a sleepy or quiet time thing for me. When I started spending the night at friends’ houses or they spent the night at my house, I would just tell them that I sucked my fingers. I have no idea what my friends thought about this because we never discussed it and to the best of my knowledge, they didn’t tell other people. I was never made fun of it to my face, at least. I know that I’m an extreme case, most kids stop sucking much earlier than I did- or at least they SAY they quit sucking earlier than I did- but I wonder why more parents don’t just let it go and let the kid figure it out for themselves?

Third. I’ve had a very mild cold this week and I’m finally much better today. I’m so glad because I can take a pseudoephedrine based decongestant for exactly three days before it starts to mess with my body in unpleasant ways. My method of being sick is to feel very sorry for myself, to complain a lot and to moan. I also am careful with that I eat and I and get lots of rest. I do not “rally.” Rallying is for people who love taking a 4 day cold and turning it into a 10 day cold. If I’m sick, I AM SICK and I take care of myself. If you follow my method for caring for yourself, you will not be sorry. You will also heal up from all minor illnesses and injuries 82% faster than those suckers who are super proud of themselves for being “stoic” and “pushing through”. I laugh in the face of stoicism. HAHA, see?


2 thoughts on “Earthquake Weather

  1. I was just thinking about my childhood habits the other day. I sucked my thumb until I was nine – which I was shamed for at the time but now seems perfectly reasonable to me. I just decided one night to stop and stuck my hand inside my pillow case. I also used to twirl my hair and I find myself sometimes doing it to this day. And I always sleep with one hand under my head.

    Also, I completely agree with your method of self-care. If I am sick, I do not pretend to be well. I bunker down until the storm passes. I do tend to not call off work just because I don’t “feel well”. I was raised to go to school unless I was running a fever. I guess it still hangs on. Which is good on days like today, when other teammates are unexpectedly off.

    Enjoy earthquake weather.

    1. catiecake

      I agree that “feeling off” isn’t really a reason to shut the whole thing down since I can feel off for any number of reasons!

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