Salt Toothpaste

Listen, you knew when you married me that I loved the hell out of a numbered list blog post. Let’s keep this 3 Things going! Just for fun!

1. Our new sofa gets delivered tomorrow. We’re going to do more to refresh our living room, but for right now it’s a new sofa and some new pillows for the sofa. I’m so excited!

  1. When Andy bought his car a few years ago, he got super into fancy car washing stuff. There are so many emollients, potions and let’s not get started on the various types microfiber clothes he’s got! I’ve asked him to put together a mini car wash kit for me. We had this treatment done to my car so that to keep it looking great, I just need to run through a gas station car was that’s touchless. I really love that I am supposed to wash my fancy car at a gas station, it costs me something like 7 bucks! Come on! With this little kit, I can vacuum my car (at the gas station) and then make my car super clean on the inside. I am ridiculously excited about this little car washing kit. IT’S LIKE A MAKEUP KIT, BUT FOR MY CAR!

  2. I bought this salt toothpaste from Weleda the other day and I was super exited to try this natural, blah, blah toothpaste. HAHAHAHAHA. It’s literally the worst tasting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. I mean, firstly, it’s brown. That’s not a great start for toothpaste. Secondly, it smells pretty bad. It smells like something your old country grandma would drink as some manner of tonic. Thirdly, as I mentioned, it tastes horrible. I tried really hard to brush for two whole minutes, but I think I made it about 10 seconds. Gross.


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