3 things Day Four.

  1. Have I told you that we’re going to Anguilla in April? We are. It’s a reward from Andy’s work and I’m not super excited about it, which sounds hugely assholey, I know. Except, here is the thing, no matter how nice Anguilla is (it will take 10+ hours to get there) and no matter how nice the resort is, we are still with Andy’s work people and that’s not the same as a real vacation. Anyway, we’re doing it and I’m not excited about it and now you know that I’m an asshole. (If we were going to Hawaii, I would be singing another tune because I love Hawaii more than I love any other place.)

  2. Andy got me a beautiful watch for my birthday. If my two favorite watches had a baby, it would be this watch. I love it so much, I cannot stop looking at it, which is sort of hilarious because I haven’t used a watch to tell the time since I got an iPhone.

  3. Listen, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a project to that allows me to send you fun stuff in the mail. Send me your address by March 5th and before the end of the month, I’ll send you a small gift of some handmade notecards. My hope is that you’ll send the notecards to someone to help brighten their day. If you end up hoarding the notecards, that’s okay, too. Yay, let’s do this fun thing! My e mail is catiecake at yahoo dot com. Do we still have to do that? Spell it out? It’s been so long since I’ve blogged for real, I have no idea what the protocol for such a thing is anymore!


4 thoughts on “3 things Day Four.

  1. Michelle

    Hooray!! I just sent you an email & signed up for The Handmade Project. (That’s what I’m calling it!)

  2. Ani

    I’m sorry to hear about your obligatory work-related trip. And you’re right it’s not a vacation, it’s a trip paid for by other people. I don’t think you’re an asshole at all. I totally get it. I hope you have fun anyway. I have no idea where that place is. I’ll go look it up right now so that I can seem intelligent when you come back and tell us all about the fun you had. Like, I can say, “Did you get a chance to go on the hoozywatsits they have there?” and you will think “Wow, that Ani from Arizona sure is sharp!”

    1. catiecake

      I had to look up where Anguilla was too! It turns out that it’s a teensy tiny island in the Caribbean and they’re relatively new to the tourist trade. I hope I have a good time, but I’m not gonna bet any money on it!

      1. Ani

        I looked it up. Make sure you eat at some of their 100 restaurants, most of which are as good as you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. Also, make sure you stop into some of their art galleries. I would also recommend you check out their thriving live-music scene, from the famous Dune Preserve helmed by noted local artist Bankie Banx to the always-hopping Pump House. Have I impressed you yet? At the very least, have a rum punch for me.

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