6 Things- Day Two

I forgot to post my list of three things yesterday, so you get 6 things today! So lucky!

  1. I drove to San Carlos yesterday to meet my friend, Traci. A couple weeks ago we painted some pottery and today we went to pick our pieces up. I painted a bowl and I’m pleased with how it turned out. It’s not a cheap endeavor, but I wouldn’t mind doing a few more bowls so I could have a whole set. We ate lunch at a casual French place and my food was so delicious! I had a quiche with a salad. Andy and I both really love quiche and yet I never make it. This is ridiculous and clearly I need to change things up.

2. Listen, I enjoy watching The Real Housewives. The California ones are my all time favorites, but I’m no stranger to New York and New Jersey. Right now, thought, it’s all about Beverly Hills and I cannot get enough of it. Do any of my friends watch? I seriously need to gossip about how much I love Lisa Rinna and how much I dislike Brandi.

3. Andy’s trip to NYC got cancelled. Or, rather, he cancelled it. I will admit only to you that I was looking forward to being by myself and eating dinner at a ridiculously early hour. Andy has been working very long hours lately and eating dinner at 8 pm or later sort of kills me dead. I know that I could eat dinner without him, but sharing an evening meal together is important, so I wait.

  1. When I was in high school, I put my bed against one wall, my stereo against another and then I pushed my dresser into the closet. Over several months, I covered the stereo wall with carefully curated images from fashion magazines. Although my mom always gave me a say in how my room looked, that was my first real taste of the power of creating a space for myself and how satisfying it can be. One of the most difficult things for me about marriage is not being able to do whatever I want in our home. I happily married a man who cares about design and who came to this relationship with a strong design aesthetic and while part of me wishes I could have an entirely pink house (I absolutely would and it would be perfect and all you people who think that much pink would be horrible would be proven wrong) I’m glad that Andy doesn’t just let me do whatever I want. I’m undoubtedly over-represented in our house, but Andy gets to keep every single cable that’s ever come into our possession, so there is a balance.

  2. I am seriously considering buying a denim vest and then decorating the back of it. THIS IS SERIOUS.

  3. I’ve started making envelops and liners from my fancy papers. Notecards are next and then we’ll have ourselves some gifts to give away!


4 thoughts on “6 Things- Day Two

  1. Oh, my goodness. My husband totally takes over our decorating. It would be okay if he had any idea what he’s doing. I’ve taken to claiming “areas” where he cannot touch anything. Little tiny areas. It’s so frustrating. I’m glad you have balance with Andy.

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