3 Things.

Let’s make numbered lists this week, 3 things every day. Ready. Set. Go!

  1. I’ve been tidying up my office after several months of just using that room as a giant junk drawer. The nice thing about cleaning up the office is that it’s great when everything is put away and you can clearly see exactly what you have. The sort of horrifying thing about cleaning up the office is that you discover you should never ever buy another roll of wrapping paper tape and you might need an intervention because of your collection of fine and handmade papers.

  2. A couple weeks ago, we bought Andy some fancy type clothes (a sports coat, some nicer pants & shirts) because of a business trip he’s taking this week. I’ve been pushing for nicer clothes for years, but Andy successfully resisted it until now. The tech industry in the Bay Area is a casual affair and the better dressed a person is, it’s assumed that equals being further away from the technology. I mean, there was a woman Andy used to meet with who didn’t wear shoes to the meetings. NO SHOES! In the winter she wore socks because she’s not an animal, obviously.  I LOVE these dressier clothes and think that Andy looks so super handsome in them and I hope that he wears them on our super fancy dates. (We should probably start having super fancy dates.)

  3. Since I’ll be on my own for most of the week, I need to come up with some nice meals to make myself. I’m copying Andy with this. When he’s on his own, he prepares himself the nicest meals. I love that and it’s obviously a wonderful idea to treat yourself as much as possible, so I’ma do the same thing. I really like making my own salad dressings and I’ve had the idea for a few new ones I want to try, so I’ll do that this week. If the dressings are any good, I’ll post the recipes on Instagram. I think I should cook myself some manner of chicken, maybe a spicy shrimp dish and then I’ve been very hungry for lasagna, so I’ll do that and then we can have leftovers through the weekend. It’s a plan!


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