Murray Grooming

Oh man, I did not intend to let so much time pass between blog posts! I knew it would be hard to get back into the groove of writing on the regular, but I don’t think I realized HOW hard. Anyway, I’m here now and you can breathe easy because I know you’ve really missed these tiny missives of mine.

Did you know that I groom Murray my ownself? It started when he was a puppy. I figured that since I was a hair stylist and understood hair growth patterns and whatever else that there was zero reason to take Murray to the groomer. His first haircut took me SEVEN HOURS. Of course there were breaks and a lot of them, but still SEVEN HOURS. I cut his hair like you do a person, I sectioned him off, and then used my fingers to hold up sections of hair and cut it to the desired length. News Flash: This is not how you cut a dog’s hair. Eventually I took my clippers and just sheared him like a sheep because the first haircut 100% looked like his mom gave him a haircut. His dog mom, not his human mom.  I was very lucky to be in a Flickr group for Wheaten Terrier owners that included a dog groomer (Hi, Annie!) and she has always been exceptionally generous with advice.  I also watched a ton of You Tube videos and I bought the right tools. I even bought a grooming table, but when it arrived, it was damaged, so I just stuck with sitting on the floor. It’s not the greatest situation, but it works for us. I’m pretty good with the Murray grooming now. It helps to have a very cute dog with beautifully curly champagne blonde hair, though. Murray begrudgingly goes through the grooming routine and really does his best to be a good boy throughout the whole process. Wheaten Terriers are supposed to have a very specific haircut. Murray’s curly hair isn’t well suited to that style, so I do a modified Wheaten cut. Right now I’ve left him a bit fluffy and his butt looks so big and I love how it looks when he runs.

My favorite thing is that Every Single Time, when we’re about halfway through, Murray walks slowly away from me, gives a very vigorous shake and then hides in some remote part of the living room (the living room doubles a s beauty shop.) When I call him back to me, he walks the slowest walk in the entire world. I’m pretty sure a snail would get to me faster than Murray does. Once he makes the arduous journey back to me, he pleads with his soulful brown eyes for us to be finished. Oh Murray, a woman as vain as me would ever let her dog go around looking half groomed. It’s embarrassing that this even needs to be addressed.

One of the things I am most proud of training Murray to do is after each comb out and particularly after a haircut, he knows he’s supposed to shake it and then sit in front of me so I can admire him. He almost always sits with a super snotty attitude, like a kid with one hip stuck out, and pretty much rolls his eyes while I tell him how beautiful he is. I love this dog so much. He has the best sense of humor and I am not embarrassed to admit that I am totally jealous of his champagne blonde curls.


4 thoughts on “Murray Grooming

  1. annie

    Ha!ha! Murray is one lucky dog! I especially love the part of when you gave him his first haircut, sectioning off areas and combing it up to trim it like a person! I’m sure I tried that in the beginning too. And btw, I know that snail walk you speak of! Finn does the same thing! ha!ha! Love your writing style Catie!

    1. catiecake

      Thanks, Annie! I am still so shocked at how patient Murray was because he was in the prime of his horrible puppy days when I did that first haircut, but he hung in there with me. I still cut some of Murray’s hair like you would a person’s, especially on the head and tail, because old habits die hard!

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