Today is not a great day. There’s nothing specific wrong, I just feel blerg.

I have one tiny story. Part of our fence fell down on New Year’s Eve. The neighbors who share that fence with us are renters and they were extremely distraught about the whole thing. We’re not so bothered mostly because fences fall down and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s going to get fixed. Well it turns out that they were upset because they have their dogs spend considerable amount of time outside. The dog is a 14 year old Silky Terrier, I think. I told them that they could let her out and if she came into our yard, it was totally fine. She is LOVING exploring our yard. She spends at least 30 minutes in our yard every day, sniffing, looking, trotting around. She even barked at one of the sliding doors. I’m guessing she figures if she gets to go in the year, she should also be allowed to go in the house. Murray has not noticed her yet, which is good news because I am not looking forward to hearing the fit he’s going to throw when he sees a DOG in HIS backyard. I know he’s a bit puzzled by smelling where she’s peed back there, but he hasn’t quite figure it out yet. Anyway, I’m enjoying watching her scamper around back there. I’ll miss her when that fence finally gets fixed.

(The reason it’s taking a while is that wind storm did a lot of damage in our area and our fence is far from being the only one that fell down. I’ve called two different fence builders that won’t even return my call!)


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