Cute Up Your Game

Listen, I have not even been back to blogging for a week, but no one will never accuse me of not loving a project, so here I am, starting something. I notice that a lot of my friends are looking to up their game this year and far be it from me to not fully support that effort. I know that sounded a little jokey, but I truly do love it when someone is putting their efforts towards doing something new or better.

I mentioned before that at the end of last year, I was greatly inspired by a fashion challenge. I looked for others and in the end I decided that I would do one myself. I hope that my friends will want to participate. I set up some rules because rules are fun to make up.

  1. Use the prompts each day as inspiration. Follow them exactly, don’t follow them at all. It does not matter.

  2. Do one day, do all days, do no days.

  3. Post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #cuteitup

Yay! Let’s do this:


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