Sheet Pan

I made this new to me flank steak fajita recipe tonight. I’m experienced in fajita making, but why not try a new thing? The recipe was from a cookbook where everything cooks on a single sheet pan. I am certain the dish washer (Andy) will appreciate fewer dishes being dirtied. According to every single person who has ever cleaned up after me, including myself, I am an extremely messy cook. I do not set out to make a mess, but a mess happens. If I’ve just watched Top Chef and I’m feeling very inspired I will use the so-called clean as you go method. If you are unfamiliar with this process, let me save you a ton of time and effort and tell you that it is a drag. I just like to get in the kitchen and make the biggest mess possible and then set a beautiful table and serve dinner. Boom!

The fajitas on a sheet pan turned out very nice! Except, you only dirty one pan with fajitas no matter how you cook them, unless you do them on the grill and then no pans get dirty. So, no offense, sheet pan cookbook, but you didn’t save me anything. Also, I didn’t follow the recipe perfectly because it called for 3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and that is entirely wrong for fajitas. SO WRONG.

Today was a major struggle for me. Nothing specific was wrong, I’m just in the process of getting myself out of the dumpy place I spent too much time last year. Part of getting to a better place is subscribing to the whole idea of faking it until you make it. Lately, whenever I am faking it, I sing song in my head, “FAKING IT.” Like this right here. It amuses me and it makes the thing that feels hard in the moment a little bit easier.


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