What You Wearing?

One of my friends started doing a fashion challenge in November and I decided to play along. The woman hosting the challenge came up with a different theme for each day and you used that as your inspiration for how you dressed. It was pretty much the best thing I could’ve done because it reminded me that I have a lot of great clothes that aren’t cuffed jeans and that I know how to put together an outfit. The demands of December meant that I had to make some choices on how I spent my precious mental energy and I dropped the fashion challenge for December. This fashion challenge got me thinking about writing a (listen, I am loathe to use this word to describe what I was planning on writing about) fashion blog called Cuffed Jeans and Red Shoes. ISN’T THAT A CUTE NAME? I decided on that because I don’t wear jeans if they aren’t cuffed. I’ve tried, but I just cannot do it! Teensy cuffs, big cuffs, single cuffs, whatever. Those jeans are cuffed. And of course, I love red shoes. Actually, I love any color for shoes that aren’t black or brown. I have black and brown shoes, I just do not love them as much as I do my red shoes.

Here’s a photo of some of my outfits from November. The person’s who was setting the challenge up isn’t doing it any longer, but there are tons out there. You can find them very easily on Instagram. I highly recommend this if you’re in a rut with how you dress and you’re looking to up your game a bit. I’m looking for new outfit challenges right this second and as soon as I find one I like, I tell you. I promise.


I’m not suggesting that I’m any sort of an expert, but I know what I know and part of that is understanding that taking some risks with your clothes is important. It doesn’t need to be a big risk like mixing patterns to be meaningful. Just adding an unexpected pop of color with a scarf or necklace, trying a style you were convinced you couldn’t pull off or just finding a new outfit from pieces you already had in your closet. Here are the most important parts- you don’t need to be a particular size and you don’t need a lot of money to look cute on a regular basis.

So, I’ll be writing about this stuff from time to time and you’re going to love the hell out of it. WAIT AND SEE!


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