Well, looky here.

Everyone on the Internet is taking down their Christmas decorations, but not me. This year I ordered a tree that was cut down and shipped to me within 24 hours. It’s the freshest tree I’ve ever had and I’m not ready to give it up. Maybe next week I’ll take it down, but for right now I’m still enjoying it. I think I might even enjoy it MORE now than before Christmas because there’s no pressure right now.

I admire people who can resist the siren call of New Year resolutions/goals/intentions/etc, but I am not one of them. Honestly, I don’t even try to resist! Come on, it’s a New Year, anything is possible! Last year, I tried setting just 3 goals a day for myself to increase productivity and it worked beautifully for me, so I’m doing the same thing for these goals. Just three.

Here we go:

  1. Walk every day for 30 minutes. There are only 2 rules for this one. It must be 30 minutes and it must be every single day. I might give myself a break for illness, but maybe I won’t! We’ll just have to see.

  2. Just do it. If I think up something, I’ma just do it until I don’t want to do it anymore. I have a tendency to think a thing to death, so this year I want to try doing a thing to death. When I thought this one up I was mostly thinking about various projects I think up for myself, but who knows where this will take me.

  3. Up my game. I know this seems vague and I guess it sort of is, but it’s very specific to me. 2014 gave me some huge challenges that I full on admit kicked my ass. In the midst of those challenges, I forgot I was in the game and so the idea of upping my game was completely out of my question. This year, I am back in it win it, so that means upping my effort. It means tablecloths, date nights, exploring new places and outfits that don’t include jeans. And other stuff, of course, but I cannot list everything out for you every second.

I’m in love with these three goals because with the exception of the first one, they fly in the face of all goal making advice. They are all hugely meaningful to me and they are perfect for where I am in this moment.

As for this whole blogging thing. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new blog and then I realized I had this ol’ dusty blog right here and all the kids nowadays are into reuse, recycle and repurpose, so I figure I just use this thing instead of starting something new. I’m making room in my life for blogging in a real way (setting a reminder each day, ideas of subjects to write about, etc) and so my thinking is if I really do want to keep a blog, I will. And if I just keep trying to scratch a phantom itch on a missing limb, then I’ll know that and move on and away from blogging for good.

I’m so relieved the holidays are over and we’re back to regular life, even if that includes the Christmas tree for now.

Now I go to the bed and sleep.


2 thoughts on “Well, looky here.

  1. Tracey

    I like your goals! Yes, some are kind of vague, but the important thing is, they work for you. My default setting is LAZY, so a laundry list of goals is rough. But a vague “up my game” actually works, because it gets me going on something little, and then momentum keeps me going.

    1. catiecake

      Exactly right, Tracey. The long list of items that I think I should do and or care about hasn’t ever worked for me. It seems great in the moment, but they are easily cast aside due to being too long or too boring.

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