Instantly Softens

Dear Kittens,

1.  I cannot easily explain why I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. If they were a so-called guilty pleasure, that would be fine. I think self loathing pleasure is a more accurate description because both shows, in my opinion, are horrible. In fact, I hate every single character in each show so much that I keep hoping that each episode I watch will end with a big bomb blowing everyone up. Sadly, this never happens and the next week there is a new installment for me to watch and the berate myself for wasting 2 hours that I could’ve spent focusing on picking my nose or organizing my nail polish. What kills me the most is that those two shows are on, but Firefly and Arrested Development are not.

2. Our neighborhood association sent around a flyer alerting us that this weekend is Clean Up The Park weekend. This pisses me off. We pay a tremendous amount of money in property taxes and even after that hefty bill, I’m supposed to volunteer my time to clean up the park? Yeah, I don’t think so. The funny thing about this neighborhood association is that it was formed shortly after a dead body was found in our park. It turned out that the person was killed in Oakland and then driven to San Jose and dumped at our park. The dead body, understandably, got everyone worked up. We have street captains that are supposed to keep everyone on the street informed about important neighborhood news. In the beginning the captains themselves brought around the flyers with the important neighborhood news and if you were home, they would come in and chat for a little while. Now one of the captains has her sullen teenage son leave the flyers. One of my favorite things about these flyers is that they often contain very useful information on how to prevent crime. Like “lock your doors and windows”. It’s impossible to disagree with that, but I am still not going to help with cleaning up the park.

3. Today I took Murray to the dog park and when we first arrived we were the only ones there. Murray was super excited at first and then he quickly realized that the main reason going to the dog park is usually fun is because of other dogs. After he sniffed every single thing that could be sniffed he decided to test his land speed capabilities and began running as fast as he could the length of the dog park. A couple walking by started cracking up at his antics and Murray ran over to them and practically leapt over the fence to get to them. If I laugh during dog class, Murray immediately breaks whatever he’s doing and comes over because he doesn’t want to miss out on the joke. This dog kills me.

4. Kittens, I am menstruating right now and it’s as if my body has decided to teach itself a lesson. This cramping is unbelievable. I keep saying to my uterus, “yes, I get that you are outraged, but the thing is, everyone else is getting along and doing their best to keep me comfortable. FALL IN LINE!” I, too, am shocked this hasn’t worked.

5. This weekend promises to be NONSTOP FUN. Tomorrow I am cutting and coloring my mom’s hair. We’re also going to plan the last art project of the year and the 5th grade tea party. Every year, we put on a two tea parties. One at Christmas and one at the end of the year to say goodbye to the 5th Graders. The 4th Graders serve the 5th Graders and the whole thing is quite a lot of fun. We use real china for this tea party and I make all the tea sandwiches and bring my prettiest trays and platters to display the food. Everyone asks if the boys enjoy it and of course they do! I’m not sure how the myth that boys do not enjoy pretty and nice things got started, but they absolutely do enjoy pretty and nice things. And what these kids really like is that this is something super special and their classroom is the only one that gets a tea party twice a year.

6. I hate ending on an even number that isn’t 10, but sometimes these things happen. I’ve decided to give the P90X workout a try. I tell you this so you can be prepared for the crying and moaning that will happen after my first workout because I am certain I will be very sore. I’m ready for something super challenging physically and I think this will do it.


5 Comments on “Instantly Softens”

  1. Tracey says:

    Did I tell you that I stopped watching GA & PP this season? I have not missed them one bit, or even wondered about the characters. It has been the easiest habit I’ve ever broken!

    • catiecake says:

      This does not surprise me one bit. I’m going to finish the season because I figure that a bomb might still happen, but after the season finales, I’ll delete them from my DVR list.

  2. geebamom says:

    I feel the same way about those shows! And I think that exposing those young men to tea parties and the joys of elegance will make them better men.

  3. Kassie says:

    I had to stop PP when pregnant Violet had her baby cut out by her own patient. Then I accidentally saw it last week and she was calmly having coffee with the crazy patient! I was outraged, ok faux outraged.

    • catiecake says:

      My whole problem with both shows is that no one acts like a regulation human and characters alla sudden change everything about their personalities!

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