No Barking.

Dear Kittens,

1. This weekend was such a great weekend! On Saturday we went took the boat out on a nearby reservoir. The first couple of times we took Murray on the boat, it wasn’t much fun. The first time it was way too hot for him and he was completely miserable. The second time we made him wear a silly dog life jacket and he was completely miserable. The third time (Saturday) was awesome! He walked all over the boat, checking out the view from various vantage points. He was really curious about the water and I thought he might jump in, but he didn’t. I’m hopeful that Murray will enjoy the boat this summer and maybe even go swimming with us!

On Sunday we met my parents in Marshall and at delicious, delicious oysters at The Marshall Store. We shared a dozen raw, a dozen Rockefeller style and a dozen Kilpatrick style. After lunch we drove over to Point Reyes Station and walked around. It was such a lovely day and a really nice way to end Andy’s time off before he starts his new job.

2. Today was Andy’s first day at his new job! So exciting. And it’s 8:31 pm and he’s not home yet. Kittens, I’ma have to develop some new hobbies. Wait- did I tell you that Andy had a new job? Because he does. And he started today. And it’s going to be a lot more hours, but he’s super excited about the challenge and the work and so I’m glad for him.

3. A potential new hobby is making paper beads. My friend Craige has this gorgeous necklace of paper beads and it seems like a relatively easy and also time-consuming activity, so it’s perfect! Or maybe I put away my clean clothes in a timely manner. Already that takes me more than a week, so that’s a good option.

4. This week I’m visiting my mom’s classroom to make an Easter themed art project. I decided to do a photography project with the kids this year. Each month when I visit, I take a photo of them standing against a white board. At the end of the year I’m going to make a poster collage of all the photos and give one to each kid so they can see how they grew in the year. I think I’m going to keep this up with subsequent classes because it’s a really great thing to see how much a kid changes in a year.

5. Our creepy Safeway up the street closed and now we have a super nice fancy Safeway that’s slightly farther away. Every single time we’ve been to the fancy Safeway, it’s packed and there are employees wandering the aisles asking you if you need help finding something. That sounds like a nice thing, but I was accosted no fewer than three times during a 40 minute shopping trip. That’s too many times. Especially when I’m mostly just checking out the store and getting acquainted with where everything is. Don’t be so clingy, Fancy Safeway.

6. Thank goodness Andy’s on his way home. For a second I thought I might have to take the garbage and recycle bins down to the curb and everyone knows that’s the man’s job. I would hate to do anything that could make my husband feel less manly.

7. I’m telling you this, I skipped coffee today, but I will not to that tomorrow. Tomorrow I am drinking coffee.



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4 Comments on “No Barking.”

  1. Violet says:

    I love your photo project with the kids! What a great gift for them.

    And congratulations on Andy’s new job! I hope he doesn’t spend too too many hours away from you. Just enough so that you can craft successfully in peace.


  2. Lewie says:

    Why does Andy have to work more hours? What kind of a new job is this?

    • catiecake says:

      He’s working for a new company, so part of the fun of that is working super hard before the IPO. This is something he’s always wanted to do and he knew the score before he started. I just wasn’t prepared for how much I would miss him!

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